HMIS Housing Providers Training (Transitional Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing)

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This training is designed for both new and current Housing Providers. It covers the following subject matter, including the newly adopted CEA-BHRS processes:

  • Introduction to ClientTrack
    • Basic Security Standards
    • Basic System Navigation
    • Basic ClientTrack Terminology
  • Project Enrollment
    • Receiving Referrals from the Incoming Referral Queue to Begin Enrollment Process
    • Capturing the Housing Move-in Date (PSH & RRH)
  • Editing Basic Client Information
  • Editing the Enrollment Workflow
  • The Housing Assessment Workflow
    • Transfer Requests
    • Housing Match Notification & Next Steps
  • Recording Case Notes
  • Update/Annual Assessments
    • When are they required?
  • Recording Rental Assistance as a Service (RRH)
  • Recording Vacancies
    • Updating a Match Status
  • Project Exit
  • Re-Entering an Enrollment

*If you are unsure whether this is the appropriate training for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our HMIS Training support at

July 30th, 2018 10:00 AM   through   2:00 PM
1401 JFK Bouvelard
10th Floor, Suite 1030
OHS Computer Training Conference Room 10-072
Philadelphia, PA 19102